0.1 Sibling Had a Stroke? Your Risk Might Rise, Too!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived two young Sims named Sara and Kurtis Simptoms.

Sara and Kurtis were in LURVE!

They lived in a tiny, funny looking house on top of a crater in a world called Lunar Lakes, where brightly colored trees grew and the lakes were all full of fish.

Basically, it was like your average, every-day Dr. Seuss story.

These two were ALWAYS. GETTING. IT. ON.  They were constantly having conversations like this one:

“Hey babe, what say you and me “make a movie,” if you know what I mean, wink wink nudge nudge?”

“I don’t think that’s such a great idea, Kurtis; then we’d have to charge admission and you know I hate how those new movie tickets look now.”

But everyone loved them anyway just because they were just so darn cute.

However, Kurtis knew that he couldn’t just hang out with Sara all the time, trying to get in her pants.  He needed friends, dang it!  So he whisked himself off to downtown Lunar Lakes in order to find one.

“Friend!  Hey, friend!  Hello…..?”

“Where is everybody?!?”

Finally, a woman appeared out of the darkness over the hill.  Kurtis wasted no time and made a beeline for her; however, his efforts to make her acquaintance seemed to run into some technical difficulties.

“Lady, hey lady…get out of my way so I can be your friend!”

Lady: “T.V!!!!”

Suffice it to say, Kurtis’s attempt to make a new friend met with dismal failure.  So he went back home where he thought it might be best to work on his studly muscles whilst the little woman cooked him dinner.  Because that is *really* what the feminist movement was all about, amirite?  When suddenly, right in the middle of a rousing session of “and one, and two, now burn that butter,” disaster struck!

“Oh no, I just burned our first meal together, sadface.”


“What?!  Disaster?!  Fire?!?  Burned mac n’ cheese, no!!!”

“Wow, honey, calm down, I’m putting it out right now…”

“Chill the mug out.  S’rsly.  You’re scaring the flamingo and that makes me sad.”

And then they decided that it would be safer to have a nice salad for dinner instead.

Thus concludes this introduction to ::cue spooky voiceover::  aN iNfeCtiOuS lEgaCy, whooo!!!  I hope that you enjoyed it, and that you will come back for more, more, more!!

16 comments on “0.1 Sibling Had a Stroke? Your Risk Might Rise, Too!

  1. Great start and nice choice of theme. I’m going to take a look at your other legacy now 🙂

  2. You know, this style of legacy writing usually doesn’t do it for me, but you’re making me laugh! Clearly some people got it and some don’t, and you got it girl!

    Lunar Lakes looks SO AWESOME. This is making me rethink where I put my elves. Argh.

    • Aw, thanks!! I don’t usually care for legacies written like this, either, honestly, but I have to admit that they’re a lot easier to update, and can be a lot of fun. Who knows if I can actually stick with it for (gulp) twenty-six generations, though… :-O

  3. I am barely able to produce 10 generations in one legacy. I cannot imagine taking on an alphabetacy. I think I could do something where each CHILD gets a name from the alphabet. That’d give you approximately 10 generations, assuming 2-3 kids/family.

  4. Followed a link from Susan so I’m starting a bit late, but I have to say that this is pretty entertaining! (I love the look of Lunar Lakes, too, and I’m working on finding a way to use it in my story.)

    Also, “scaring the flamingo”? Cracked. Me. Up.

    • Aw, thanks so much for clicking! Lunar Lakes is awesome; it’s like Neverland meets LOST or something. It’s probably a good thing that I discovered it really late in the game or else all my sims would probably live there. 🙂

  5. Oh my God. I love this. All of this. Priceless.
    And you put my old legacy on your blogroll (The Battle Legacy) ❤

  6. I know I’m so late to this legacy, but this is an awesome idea! Such original, much creativity.

    • Oh my gosh, thank you so much! It’s so funny that you posted when you did; I was literally right in the middle of cleaning some stuff up so I can get ready to come back after a loooooooooooong hiatus. I’m so glad you found — and enjoy! — the Simptoms!

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