0.2 Tuna Salmonella Outbreak

In the last — which also happens to have been the first — chapter of An Infectious Legacy, Sara Simptoms set fire to her kitchen in Lunar Lakes shortly after her husband, Kurtis, tried unsuccessfully to find some new friends.  Today, Kurtis has decided to go to work wearing his swim trunks and a rad shirt that looks like a kitty cat is clawing its way down his back.

So, Kurtis, I know that you’re artistic and whatnot, and that you want to be a Visionary or something, so what did you choose as a career track?  Stylist, perhaps?  Architect, maybe?


Er….I see.  Okay then, moving right along.

Inspired by her hubby’s motivation, Sara decided that it was high time she started working on a novel or something.  So she moseyed on over to the local library where she promptly, creatively, and enthusiastically…

…broke the computer?

“Wasn’t me.”


Sara decided to abandon the broken computer — as well as the little bit of progress she had made on her first novel — and return home to….

Break the shower?!  Seriously, Sara, come on!!  ::very frowny face::

“Give me a break (teehee, puns).  Who’s the genius who decided to make me unlucky?”

…..well played, Sara.  Well played.


“Hey babe, watching you get all wet while you fixed that shower (even though I’m the handy one) got me thinking that I’d like to see more of that.  Wanna go on a pool date?”

“Oh, sure, why not…after all, I can’t possibly break the pool, can I?”



After floating about aimlessly and making fun of the interesting swimwear choices of their fellow Lunar Lake…ians (khakis, guy?  Really?), Sara (who did not, in fact, break the pool) and Kurtis went back home to enjoy a nice, fire-free dinner of sandwiches or something.

“I don’t always eat sandwiches, but when I do, I prefer PB&J.”

“Kurtis…are you playing with your food again?”


“Stay hungry, my friends.”

8 comments on “0.2 Tuna Salmonella Outbreak

  1. Has Sara been in my neck of the woods recently? The PCs at work keep breaking and I don’t know why 😉 Very funny 🙂

  2. Those last two shots were fabulous! I’ve never captured that expression in the eating animation!

  3. I’ve known people who break everything they touch, but Sara seems to have particularly bad luck in her day to day life! I’ve never played an “unlucky” sim.

    Maybe Kurtis should consider taking up the cooking.

    • Yeah…didn’t know that “unlucky” should be translated as “break everything in sight.” On the other hand, Sara’s handiness is going to be through the roof when everything is all said and done…which is sort of sad, since one of Kurtis’s traits is Handy. :-\

      It’s actually a little scary how similar SimSara and SimKurtis are to their real life counterparts; he really does do all of the cooking and I do all of the…well, not breaking, but I am totally not as tech savvy as he is. >_<

  4. i love the names of the chapters

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