0.4 Eye Color and Disease

‘Twas the night before…a day just like any other, and all through the house

Not a Simptom was stirring, not even these guys in the room with walls down…

“..zzZZZzz….me paint pretty one day….zzzzZZZZZZ….”

“..zzZZZzz…I hope that Michael jerk gets blown to the moon….ZZZZZZ…”

That day, Kurtis learned Sim-fu with care…


While this portal did weird things to dear Sara’s hair.

“Nice work.”




When out on the porch, there appeared such a spatter…

Sara jumped from her bed to see what was the matter!

“….zzzzz….my awesome paintings will go in people’s scrapbooking boxes one day…..zzz.”

“Oh God…I don’t know what’s making me feel more sick…your horrific rhyming scheme or Kurtis’s horrific excuse for a painting!”


On behalf of both myself and Kurtis, I would just like to say: Rude.


“Can’t hear you, gotta go blow some chunks now!”

Away through the door Sara flew like a flash!

Was stalled by the staircase, but continued her dash…

Madly outside to the restroom upstairs,

While visions of toilet bowls danced under her hairs.

The moon on the glaze of the white bathroom tile

Was just not enough to make Sara smile.

But I just heard her say, as she dropped out of sight…


Erm….never mind.Β  Let’s just leave her to it.

8 comments on “0.4 Eye Color and Disease

  1. Bwah! I love seeing so many more updates from you! Babies on the way!

    I think I might actually be able to write a post today myself. Wish me luck!

    • Yay for disease babies!! I was so excited when I checked on The Samples today and there were TWO updates!! Wowzers! It feels like way too many of my favorite legacies are going on hiatus right now. 😦

  2. That’s awesome! Oh my jelly, is she pregnant???? That would be fluffin cool

  3. LOL! From now on, all your updates have to be written in rhyme πŸ™‚ This was hilarious!

  4. I love the rhyming. Legacies should totally do that more often.

    Yay for babies!

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