A.2 Curry Reduces Diabetes?

So, last time we saw the Simptoms…was farther back in time than I’d hoped would go between posts.  (Did that sentence make sense?  Sure it did.)

“You left me out on that waterslide this whole time….”

“…and now I’m all wrinkly and pruny.  😦 “

Haha, well, the better to match that old lady you were trying to woohoo with in the previous post.

“:-(((  That was an accident.  Some kind of black magic vampire mind trick.”

After getting inside and becoming more…unwrinkly and unpruny…Kurtis decides to delicately broach the possibility of a second baby on the way to his lovely wife.

“So, toots, I don’t really know quite how to say this, but you’re getting pretty chunky again.  You preggo?”

(As a side note, I have no idea why I write SimKurtis out to be such a tool.  He’s nothing like that for reals…promise!)

In retaliation, Sara changes into a hip new outfit and adds some arsenic to the dinner she’s preparing for Kurtis.

“Call me chunky…I’ll show him.  This’ll teach him to think twice before making insulting inferences regarding the figure of the woman who’s giving up her life practically in order to grow his sweet, succulent, delicious babies…”

Actually, I doubt he’ll think twice about anything, because he’ll be dead.

“Oh relax, I’m not going to give him enough to kill him…anyway, this is the Sims, remember?  Being dead is not necessarily a deal breaker.”

“Hey…you never did tell me if you’re knocked up again or just fat….”

“….huh.  My pizza tastes a little funny, and…suddenly I feel really strange…did your plumbob just turn into a glowy hexagon?”

Kurtis wisely decides it might be best if he just went on to bed.  Sara joins him later in her fuzzy wittle bunny onesie.

“Hmm…poisoning my husband must have taken more out of me than I’d thought…I don’t remember that doll being there a minute ago.”

“Actually…come to think of it….I don’t remember that doll at all…..eh.  I must be really tired.”

A few hours later, Sara embarks on the activity that has become a nightly ritual at the Simptom house…screaming at the baby for waking her up.

“Argle bargle shizzle fizzy pops!!!”

Sorry I can’t think of anything more clever for her to be screaming…I don’t really know what the appropriate thing to scream at a baby would be.  After all, who could scream at this sweet, little face?

Hm…it sort of looks like he has grey eyes.  That’s weird.

Anyway, Kurtis gets up to try and help, but…

“That strange doll that I don’t remember having ever seen before, it has foiled me and kept me from retrieving my baby from that giant, baby-eating pink rabbit!”

Tune in next time…which will hopefully be not that far away in the future (but probably will) to find out how badly Kurtis’s brain may have been affected by the rat poison!  Also…who is this doll?  Where did it come from?  What are its intentions!?!  (Actually, that’s a lie; I’m pretty sure I haven’t actually got any more shots of the doll…so just pretend to be on the edge of your seat about that one.)

Oh!  And I almost forgot!  The Simptoms are now…DOWNLOADABLE!!!  (oooh, ahhh, how’d she do that?)  Or, hopefully they are, anyway.  Just find them on the Contract a Disease tab…obviously, only Sara and Kurtis are available at the moment.  Toodles!

9 comments on “A.2 Curry Reduces Diabetes?

  1. Yay downloadable!

    I didn’t think the IF dolls showed up until toddlerhood. Why is there one lying around the Simptoms house?

    • Mine have always come in the mail shortly after the baby’s birth, but newborns can’t interact with them or anything, so they usually just hang out in a corner of the crib…except when they creepily sneak around somewhere else… >.>

    • Interesting. Do the dolls sneak around? I only recall them showing up when the triplets were toddlers. And once they’re toddlers, the next thing I noticed was that the dolls were in inventory.

      • I think they’re kinda like the gnomes (I’ve never had gnomes, so I’m just guessing). You never SEE them move, they just are in one spot one minute, and then you’ll find them somewhere else later in a completely different position. You usually get a notification that some crazy aunt or uncle has sent a special gift for the new baby and to check your mail…if you don’t do that, then maybe it just appears once they become toddlers? With mine, they pop back into the inventories usually when the toddlers aren’t playing with them.

      • I totally bet that’s the thing. We have No BIlls Ever, and I’m just awful about forgetting to check the mail.

  2. Creepy random doll! Those IFs are so strange.

    I love the nightly screaming at the baby. She’s not overly maternal, is she? At least Kurtis was going to try to help… before being thwarted by a doll.

  3. Now I can download the Simptons and Sara and Franco can FINALLY have that conversation about the pressures of being the family appliance fixer! My life is complete!! Not really. Sara is being very mean to poor little Alopecia 😦

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