A.3 West Nile Outbreak

Herro, ev’ryone, and welcome back to the hilarious(ish) antics of the Simptoms family!  I’m pretty sure that this chapter will suck because the internet I’m borrowing right now is a little questionable and my pictures are all unrelated, but I know you’re gonna love it anyway.

Last time, Sara poisoned Kurtis a little bit because he keeps calling her fat.

“Serves him right for calling me fat…I’m glowing, people.  GLOWING.”

“I’d also like to mention that all of this talk about me being a baby eating cannibal is pure nonsense.  Why, little Al and I spend many quiet evenings simply reading together and enjoying each others’ company, all while being supervised by that creepy little doll that no one remembers getting…”

….that’s a cookbook, isn’t it?

“….and what of it?”

So, speaking of babies, I found this pop-up particularly hilarious:

I didn’t even change his name or anything.  Any nineties’ kids out there get it?  Anyone?

Back at the Simptoms’ abode, changes were being made in order to attempt to ensure the safety of the current heir.  Observe my crappy attempts at photographing Al’s crappy nursery:

It took some finagling, but eventually some walls and stuff were added so that Alopecia would have his own room, far from the ravenous intentions of his hormonally imbalanced mother.  You jelly?  Yeah, didn’t think so.

Now that he’s finally cottoned on to the fact that baby numero dose is on the way, Kurtis has decided that it’s time for him to man up and try to improve his ranking in the military.  With that in mind, he jumps at the chance to participate in the Special — er, Military — Olympics.

Ah, here’s our budding gladiator now….how’d you do in there, Kurtis?

“Oh, I was awesome!  I totally opened cans of whooping all up in that joint!”

Oh really now?

“Oh, er…read that notification, did you?  Heh…”

Moving right along in our super-jumpy chapter, we find Sara wasting no time in introducing Alopecia to his new digs.

“Here you go baby, find a nice comfy position on the floor.  Can’t have you losing muscle tone and getting all flabby laying around in your crib, now can we?  You’re bound to be much more tender from sleeping on a hard surface…”

“Geez, this other kid is killing my back…I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a fatty….”

“That would pretty much just blow my cholesterol through the roof.”

“Hmm…I’ll bet we have some cookbooks somewhere that’ll have some good recipes for leaning down more corpulent cuts of meat…”

And here’s where I’m going to stop.  I was actually planning on making this chapter TWICE as long, but it’s gotten pretty late and I have to go home to feed my dog and stuff, so….I am.  Tune in next time for more cannibalistic hijinks!  Yay!

10 comments on “A.3 West Nile Outbreak

  1. Slater!

    It was nice to see Sara enjoying a little quiet time with the baby, not yelling at him at all. But then she just left him on the floor…

    • Yay for getting my lame SBTB reference!! I almost fell out of my chair when that popped up…gotta wonder if someone out in Sim-world didn’t plan that on purpose.

      I’m actually a little worried about Sara…her eating the baby was supposed to be just a joke, but she seems to be taking it a little too seriously…maybe things will be better with him sleeping in a different room. :-\

  2. great job on your legacy it’s really funny! would you mind checking out my new legacy and giving me some feedback? thanks!

  3. Whee! Abandoning the baby while wearing a bunny suit! Bravo!

    • Hahahaha, the bunny suit makes it all the more diabolical!

      I can’t comment on your blog anymore; I don’t know why, although I suspect it’s because the browser at work is so outdated…anyway, I wanted to tell you I’m sorry that you’re having so many issues with Avalon, but I’m really excited for the big move! Also, I really loved Ada and Alberto’s chapter; it was so sweet, and so….Ada. But Agnes! Oh no! I know it had to happen eventually, but still…and finally, all three of the trips are adorable; I can’t wait to get to know more about them!

  4. I got the reference, I got the reference!!! Although I was always more of a Zack girl myself 😉

    I’m happy to see that Sara’s child-rearing skills are as fantastic as ever!

    Sorry it’s taken me a while to get around to this update but I’m seriously behind on my reading. Roll on the end of the summer holidays and things calm down in work. Your updates never seem to appear in my reader. Stupid wordpress 😦

    • Ugh…almost finished typing up a reply, and WordPress loses the whole thing. Stupid WordPress indeed. -_-

      Anyway…..yay for SBTB!! It was one of my favorite shows growing up, although I was also more of a Zack fan. Slater was just too…muscly and swarthy for me. However, I do still tear up a little on the inside whenever I hear “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” and think about him and Jessie singing it while Zack and Kelly are breaking up. Sad days… 😦

      Aw man, I’m so glad that summer is finally over! It about killed us over here as well…not that things have really slowed down; we keep losing staff, so whenever it seems like we might be about to catch up, we wind up having less people to get everything done. Times are seriously hard. It’s tough managing your own legacy, plus trying to keep up with all the other good ones out there…AND deal with that thing called “real life.”

      Poor Sara…you’d never think she had the Family Oriented trait from how she acts. It’s probably very good that she was created before Supernatural came out; otherwise, I’d have to give her Cannibalistic instead. (Not that that’s an option…it totally should be, though.)

      Do you get updates in your emails? I wasn’t for all of my blogs for the longest time; I just recently figured out that I have to click my name in the corner and select Manage Blogs in order to get notifications about everyone. Maybe that has something to do with the reader issues you’ve got…?

  5. I’m going to have to fiddle around with WP to try and sort it! I haven’t had any problems in the past so it’s kind of strange …

    It’s very annoying when ‘real life’ gets in the way of simtime lol! Are you sure you’re not one of my colleagues as it sounds like we are having exactly the same problems! We’ve also had the yearly budget meetings and my local council (government) have to save £80 mil in the next five years and the community learning and library department are going to be responsible for 30 % of that total … considering we are already at the bare bones as it is, this is a frightening prospect. I live in Wales and we are better off than England (even though we are all part of the UK) as we have a separate Welsh Assembly who are trying to fight for us as well as CYMAL (the Welsh museum and library board). English libraries have been closing down here, there and everywhere 😦

    Still, on the plus side I’m coming to the US!! I’m going to Orlando for two weeks in May next year and I really need the break. I’ve travelled to lots of countries in Europe, but have never actually left this continent so I’m very excited and have always wanted to travel to the US … Harry Potter Studio Tour in London at the end of this month and the Wizarding World of Adventure in May. Harry Potter overload 😀

    • Aw…I’m sorry ya’ll are having to go through all of that at your library. We have some of the same issues; there is just no money, and the “powers that be” seem strongly disinclined to believe that the library is really worth putting money into. To top it all off, our long-time director left a little over a year ago, and his replacement is…well…let’s just say it has not exactly been smooth sailing. We have less than half the staff we have had in the past, twice the patrons, and it’s just plain sad.

      However….SO excited you get to experience the magic of Orlando!!! (And jealous…I want to go back. 😦 ) Hopefully, the crowds won’t be too bad; my husband and I visited for our honeymoon in December almost two years ago, and I’d love to go back around that time of the year…it’s right before the big Christmas rush, and visiting the Wizarding World really does feel magical.

      No such thing as Harry Potter overload!!!! :-p

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