ERMAHGARD GUISE!!!  I just realized yesterday that I haven’t given ya’ll any fresh Simptoms since September…MAI BAD!!  I’ll try to remedy that situation stat; in the meantime, here’s a hilarious look at the depraved sorts of searches that lead people to the wonderful world of my Infectious legacy:


mad cow disease

horrific painting

west nile, alopecia

simptoms legacy sims

psycho child murdering parents in sleep

sim werd stuff

she taking out the trash


hot mommy porn

“tan your hide but good”

an infectious legacy

baby swim porn

creepy little doll

fat sims

pictures of alopecia areata in babies

sara taking out the trash

shut up i just love you

sim porn

latest sexy kurtis


sims 2 contraction

sims 3 the baby’s coming right now

sims 3 pregnant belly

milk a cow sexy

sims porn

hand painted kurtis

sexy tween


sims legacy pregnant my back is killing me


mommy porn

Holy bananas, you guys are a bunch of perverts.  :-p

4 comments on “Whoops!

  1. “Milk a cow sexy” was searched not once but twice! Awesome.

    I didn’t post this to my blog, but I had an issue with, um, Fabine diapers. For months, it showed up as the top search hit on my blog stats. Eventually, I held my nose and did a Google search on what it was. Fabine diapers appear to be adult-sized diapers marketed for people with issues that require them (mental retardation, physical issues). As you might guess, however, there’s also a sizable fetish community. And the #1 hit for the search criterion on Google Images? Tah-dah! Some post of mine from Gen 3 with Zahra holding Charles as a baby. Riiiiight. I checked. Fabian is never misspelled like that in the whole blog, and certainly not in that post.

    Google finally seems to have fixed this.

    • Must…not….search Fabine diapers!!…oh crap, does that mean those searches are going to lead to me now?? >_< (hahahaha, "oh crap"…)

      I don't get how certain things wind up falling under particular search items…like "psycho child murdering parents in sleep" (and WHY is someone even searching that…?). I know simSara talks a lot about eating her kids, but I don't think I've ever had a psycho child murdering their parents in their sleep…not yet, anyway. The Callenders' are all a little bit more mundane; everyone comes there looking for why the Sims 3 music is in Virgin Diaries. I had no idea that was going to be such a draw-in when I wrote that post…

      • Sob! Just talking about the diapers thing made it show back up on my blog stats. I did another search, and my blog picture is back at the #1 hit ARRRRGH. My husband now works for Google (in a totally different group involving Google Books, but still)! He should be able to fix this personally!

      • Hahahaha, oh no!!! From now on, they will be known only as “The Diapers that Shalt Not Be Named.” 😉

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