A.5 Energy Drink Caffeine Risk?

So this chapter’s been kinda cobbled together after a quickie play session to get something new and fresh and awesome out RIGHT NOW.  Thereby, I’ve forgotten some of my captions, which is sucky, but oh, well.  We open with a quick look at Sara as she comes home with the Simptoms’ brand new baby.

“Behold.  I am radiant.”

Okay then.

Meanwhile, this opportunity pops up for Kurtis:

Hmm, an athletic career?  What do you think, Kurtis?

“Sure, why not.  It’s not like it’s any more or less relevant to my life than a career in the military.”


Kurtis is so eager go out and kick some balls around or whatever that he forgets he’s carrying his son.

“You mean it’s not Take Your Kid to Work Day?  😦 “

“Here you go, little buddy, have some of your mom’s slop while Daddy goes and works on being the next ::enter relevant important athlete’s name here::  Oh, and try not to let her eat you or anything; I hear it’s fairly common for moms to do that with their older litter once a new cub has come along.”

“Erm, wait…where’s he going, and what am I supposed to do with….this?”

“Oh, well.  There you go, baby.  Get comfortable, you’ll probably be there a while, since I sort of never bought another crib or anything…”

“….I dislike this arrangement immensely.”

“Hi, honey, I’m home!  Turns out I don’t start until tomorrow…wanna make out and maybe wink wink nudge nudge?”

“He seriously wants to do this NOW?  But I’m so tired…putting that baby on the floor earlier just exhausted me.  Maybe if I keep my eyes open he’ll be able to tell I’m not into it…”

“….or not.”


“Hey, where are we??  This isn’t our house….where’s our house??!”

Oh, I moved you.  Long story.  Welcome to Starlight Shores!

“But…my friends…”

You didn’t have any friends.  Except for creepy Michael and that old lady you tried to bang.

“I was going to MAKE friends….BETTER friends…:-(“

“Forget the house; what did you do to my HAIR?!

Nothing!….why?  Don’t you like it?


Your other dress didn’t go with your new hair, so I gave you a new one.

“I look like a hooker from Candy Land.”

No, you…well, yeah.  Yeah, you kinda do.  Look, when I had kinda short hair with pink highlights, you had kinda short hair with pink highlights.  Now I have longer hair with rainbow stripey things, so your hair…this is the best I could do, ok?  Why don’t you just work with it for now and go see what Kurtis thinks.

“I look like the scary transvestite love child of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga…he’s going to think you’ve changed this legacy to an Uglacy.”

“Oh hi babe, you do something different to your hair?”


“And your outfit looks like the inside of the ice cream man’s truck!”

“….I’m sorry, I know it’s —“

“SO hot!  Why haven’t you dressed like this before??  I’m finding you very alluring right now!”


“Seriously!  Let’s go inside and woohoo!”

“What?  No!  I’m still out here!  This green trapping you have swaddled me in will not disguise me from predators forever!”

Heedless of their newborn baby’s screams of rage and terror, Sara and Kurtis proceed to…well, you know, but just to spell it out for you….

9 comments on “A.5 Energy Drink Caffeine Risk?

  1. So THAT’s what Candy Land Hookers look like … you know, I’ve always wondered? And I can safely say I’ll have scary nightmares featuring a frankestein monster made from the parts of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga for a month now. I hope you’re happy?

    Poor neglected nameless baby … I don’t think you need to worry about predators though. He blends perfectly well in with the grass. What disease did you inflict on the baby after?

    Awesome chapter as usual 😀

    • You mean you’d never seen Katy Perry’s video for “California Girls” before? Candy Land hookers galore! 😉

      I’m sorry I’ve given you nightmares; I’m pretty sure I’ve inflicted the same thing on poor Sara. She looks so awful, but I couldn’t really resist having a little bit of fun with her…

      Hahahaha, I completely forgot that I never even bothered to say anything about the baby! It’s another boy; this one is Anorexia…both boys seem to have drawn pretty girly names, but oh, well. We’ll just call him Rex…if he ever gets mentioned at all. 😉

      • I can’t really say I’m a Katy Perry or Lady Gaga fan so you definitely owe me an apology lol!! Sara looks fab and I’m sure she’ll get over it …. at least Kurtis approves!

        I actually re read your previous post to see if I had lost my mind and you’d named him then. I can’t tell you how glad I am that my mind appears to be intact! Little Anorexia Simptoms … it has a nice ring to it 😉

  2. The lack of any maternal or paternal instincts is awesome! Poor new kid!

    The makeover is quite dramatic. I love the hair!

    • I know; I have no idea how any of the Simptoms kids are going to make it to adulthood at this rate…and Sara just keeps wanting more!

      The hair is….uhm…well, I don’t remember where I found it, but I know it’s called Born this Way. I sort of like it, too, but it definitely doesn’t do Sara any favors…

  3. Oh wait, I have seen the Born this Way stuff. If you ever do a rainbow pony with the Mylipones, that hair would work PERFECTLY.

    Rex Simptoms. I love it. Why did you move the gang to Starlight Shores? Were they glitched? That world looks so awesome.

    Also, I want to humbly submit Bow Tie for a future Mylipone. Blue skin, pink hair, and freckles! You can’t tell me that’s not awesome. You made me go find my bag of Ponies. I remember several being badly discolored, but they looked fine. Either I was hallucinating, or I got rid of the damaged ones.

    • BTW: Where did you get your baby swaddling recolors?

      • The Mylipones were the other reason I was looking for rainbow hair! I found some decent ones, but the ones I’d intended to use I either didn’t actually dl or took out in a search for bad cc hair that I’ve got lurking about…so Sara got stuck with the Lady Gaga look. If you happen to find any good CURLY rainbow hair in your adventures, send it, send it! (Although my real rainbows are starting to wash out, so it might be a moot point anyway.)

        The Simptoms (and the Callenders) actually were started on my husband’s tower; he’d hook it up to the tv, and it was all pretty awesome…my old laptop didn’t handle sims too well. It eventually died, and I inherited my mil’s old laptop, which plays just fine….and also, the keyboard for the tower is slowly giving up on actually functioning, so I just moved both families onto my laptop, which didn’t have Lunar Lakes. I’m interested to see what Starlight Shores will be like; I’ve never played it before…it is awfully pretty! 🙂

        Bow Tie will definitely make an appearance! She does have some pretty neat genetics; if Minty doesn’t pop her out, then Minty’s heir probably will…Minty just had her first child, Snuzzle. Unless the file failed to save (I accidentally unplugged my laptop while it was saving), Snuzzle has got the best traits ever so far, so I’m kinda hoping she’ll be the next heir…but we’ll see. Since when do my Sims ever do what I want them to do? Do you have the real Bow Tie?? I’m so glad that your ponies survived your childhood mostly unscathed!!

        AND the babies’ swaddles aren’t custom; I just use Master Controller to style them. Saw it on someone else’s blog and thought it was pretty awesome. 🙂

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