A.7 Too Much Fish Oil?

Heeeeey kids!  I’ll bet you thought I’d never come back, didn’t you?  Actually, I wasn’t so sure myself if I’d be coming back.  Turns out being pregnant is hard, but not having the internets is harder.  Oh well, not your problem, right?  Let’s see if I can remember anything that’s even going on with the Simptoms….

Oh yeah.  This looks about right.


“Well, I see her newfound hotness hasn’t improved her cooking skills any…”


“Oh, well, it’s probably safe enough to eat.  Easier than actually cooking my own food, anyway.”


“And besides….all that extra salmonella and stuff should go straight to my package, rendering my bad boys completely useless.  No more babies for me!  Bazinga!”

Hmm…pretty sure Kurtis is a little confused about how all this stuff works…


Meanwhile, in the nursery…

“Aw…I really like you, little baby, but I’m just not sure I’m ready for any more right now.”


“Likewise, Mother.  I am most certainly of the belief that myself and the elder offspring are quite enough.  Actually, I am most certainly of the belief that I myself am quite enough and plan on remedying that situation as soon as I’ve outgrown this oppressive swaddling.”


“This one is my favorite baby.  :-)”


Unfortunately for Kurtis, Sara, and baby Rex, Sara made the unfortunate mistake of asking for five children as her LTW, so really this next bit should come as no surprise…

“Oh no….I knew I messed up that chicken carbonara somehow…urrrgggg…..”

Haha, yeah, that must be it.


“No, really…I barely even looked at the recipe.  I just threw together a few things that I suspect Kurtis is allergic to.”

Denial.  It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?


“Oh….crap.  I know what this means.”

Yup.  Glad you finally caught on there, genius.

Screenshot (2)

“On the bright side, I finally got out of that slut outfit.  Those plastic ice cream cones were really chafing my nips.”

Way to look on the bright side.  What’s yet another squalling mouth to feed in the name of a little temporary comfort, right?

Screenshot-2 (2)

“Hey little guy…I hear you’re going to be a big brother!”


“That’s right, looks like my awesomeness impregnated your mom before I effectively poisoned all my sperm.  This should be the last one, though, because I think this pregnancy is making your mom just a little crazy….well.  More crazy than usual, I mean.”



“I don’t see what the big deal is….I’m just so thirsty!”

Screenshot-3 (2)

“And really….drinking from a broken sink isn’t any different from drinking from a water fountain, right?  I’ll bet a cat would do it.  Oooh, a cat!  I should adopt a cat!  For the baby!”

Screenshot-4 (2)And so she did.  O_O

Screenshot-5 (2)

11 comments on “A.7 Too Much Fish Oil?

  1. Squeee! You’re back! I saw your post for the Mylipones too, but I hadn’t commented yet.

    I did not find pregnancy to be the best part of parenting. As far as I’m concerned everything has been getting better steadily since pregnancy. And it still is. 🙂 I highly recommend toddlerhood.

    • Hopefully back, anyway! I’ve got plenty of pictures for at least two more chapters; the problem is getting somewhere to actually update (usually the ils). The lack of internet is definitely putting a damper on my promptitude…and I imagine my little beast womb won’t make things any easier.

      YOUR toddler is amazing, so of course you enjoy it! The things you post about her crack me up on a daily basis. 😀

      • On one hand, I could imagine that if you had the brain, the first couple of months of the baby almost constantly sleeping while you somehow can’t get enough sleep yourself would be conducive to writing Sim blog posts. OTOH, not having internet really throws a wrench in things.

        These days, I write at least as many posts offline as I do online, though. Just note the screenshot numbers where they go, write the post, then paste the whole thing into the blog and add the actual imagines when you have internet.

        One week! The Change in Life is almost upon you :). Pregnancy is such an uncomfortable waiting stage. Birth is where things really start IMHO.

        Oh yeah, my kid walks on water :). The other thing is that I tend to use Facebook to celebrate more than complain. I feel that whatever emotion you post about tends to be compounded, so I save my gripes for when I really need them. We kind of had a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad start at parenting — a sick pregnancy combined with the death of my beloved grandmother and my husband’s mother, then my daughter’s health problems that made her first year a haze of anxiety and post-partum depression. So I’m not really qualified to talk about the start of parenthood, but I have to say that when my kid turned one, she began growing exponentially more awesome and has not yet stopped.

  2. Ooooh! I new chapter!

    Pregnancy kind of sucks. But no one tells you that ahead of time. I think Sara here might go crazy by the time she gets to 5 kids!

    • Pregnancy is kinda rough; I think the worst of it right now is having to flip over every few hours at night…but having too much front bulk to manage it without waking up first. -_- Sputnik’s due next week, though, so I guess I’ll be having to wake up for other things soon enough!

      Poor Sara…I don’t think she knew what she was doing when she made that LTW. I know -I- didn’t know what I was doing; I would have been happy to stop at three. Now that she’s gone and thrown a cat into the mix, I’m expecting Sims DFACS or the ASPCA to arrive any day now….

      • OMG! I hated having to wake up every time I tried to change positions! And when I’d finally get comfortable, baby would shift and then I’d have to get up and pee. Congrats on making it (almost) through!

  3. Hi Sara!!! Welcome back (for however long you’re back for anyway). If getting online is the problem, why don’t you download Windows Live Writer. It all works offline and you can post when you’re connected to the internet 🙂

    Good luck and congrats again about the fantastic baby news.

    • Hmmmmm…..I am just now seeing this. Windows Live Writer, you say? I will definitely be looking into this. Does it work with pictures? Oh my God, you can’t imagine how exciting this news is to me…!!!

      And thank you. 😀

      • Whee! Good to hear from you!

      • Thank you!! I miss you guys so much! I mean, the baby is cool and all, but it’s hard not being able to just up and leave Sputty in the parking lot for hours on end, which doesn’t seem to affect Sims babies (much). I haven’t actually played in eons, but I have plenty of material for some chapters and have only know realized I might can just utilize my phone…derp.

      • Yes. It works with pictures and video. I personally wouldn’t like to use anything else!

        You’re welcome. Hope everything is going well for you? 🙂

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