A.8 Does Microwaving Food Remove its Nutrition?

Hmmm…..what is this legacy about again….?


Well hello, readers. Glad to see some of you are still around. Today I’m experimenting with updating the Simptoms using the WordPress app; if it’s successful, we’ll be seeing more of everyone’s favorite little infections in no time! Hopefully!

“Argh….when one door close another open! Me now work on screenplay, mmmmm…”


“Well, seeing as you’re well over an hour late, I hardly think you should be surprised that you won’t be receiving a tip — oh. You aren’t my take-out. And I could have sworn I smelled Chinese…”

“Mmmm no, Mr. Wang from across street. Him mighty tasty but give I terrible heartburn mmmmmm….”


“Of course he did. I imagine you’ll also find yourself hungry again in mere hours. Really, I’m surprised a clearly intelligent member of the undead society such as yourself didn’t think of these things before choosing that particular neighbor to sink your teeth into.”



The next morning, Kurtis takes Alopecia out for a stroll to survey the damage done by the latest zombie attack. Kurtis has elected not to equip Alopecia with pants, because the weather seemed fine when he left the house.

“Now son, I don’t want you to be too concerned, but mastering the art of camouflage around your mother is a skill you might want to pick up sooner rather than later. She has seemed exceptionally hungry lately.”

“Daddy, can’t feel hands…”

“Nonsense, son, I don’t think we have Seasons yet. You can’t possibly be cold!”


Meanwhile, back at home, Snowy is watching….uhm…what exactly are you watching, Snowy?

“Twilight. I read that it involves lions who love Greek food; however, the entirety of the film thus far seems to revolve around this rather petulant young lady with facial expressions that are somehow inferior to that divinely scented dead gentleman I spoke with last night.”


Kristen Stewart? I guess you won’t be excited to hear she’s reportedly starring in the 1984 movie remake then.

“She is to play the female lead in the latest film depiction of one of the most brilliant glimpses into a dystopian future, in which all creativity and the ability to think for one’s self is systematically punished by those in authority in the attempt to eradicate free will?”

Yeah, that’d be it.

“Ah. I believe this is where I inform readers that my enthusiasm for living on this planet has waned quite a bit.”


“Enough big word chit-chat, it’s time to focus on me. I’m getting that ‘time to run to the hospital’ feeling, if you know what I mean.”


“Uh oh, the force is alerting me to the approach of imminent labor; gotta go! Allonzy!”








12 comments on “A.8 Does Microwaving Food Remove its Nutrition?

  1. Haha! Looks like it worked great! I’m so happy to see the Simptoms back!

    What will the nooboo be named? I can’t wait.

    • I tried to comment on your blog last night. As per usual, I have issues commenting. Ugh.

      First—I’m so glad to see the Samples are still around! THREE blogs, you say?? What is the third?

      Second–Twallan……gone?! Nooo!!! Maybe I should stay on hiatus….:-(

      Third–Thanks!! It takes FOR-EVER this way; it took two days to do what would normally take maybe an hour. But…posting is posting, so I’ll take it.

      It looks like the Sims community has dwindled in my absence. (Not BECAUSE of my absence…ha!) What’s up with THAT?

      • Yeah, the Sims blogging community has dwindled quite a lot. I guess it’s a pretty old game at this point, so maybe it’s to be expected, but it’s still really sad :(.

        I’ve found several more fresh blogs that are pretty entertaining, but I’ve only sort of been able to pull a couple of people into our circle (which really translates to reading and commenting on my blog; I’m not proud :-p).

        But DragonWife assures us that she is just suffering momentary overwhelm from her three kids and has no intention of quitting. Amhranai and Jo are still here in between massive doses of life drama (:( ). So the core is still here. Comments just don’t surface within an hour or two of posting the way they used to.

        Grrr. I have no idea why my blog (Blogger in general?) hates you. I used to have anonymous commenting turned on, but of course that led to a collection of increasingly worrisome comment spam, so I had to turn it off. I’m perfectly happy to take comments to my stuff on your blog posts (which I subscribe to) or anything else silly like that.

        Yeah, I took on a THIRD challenge because I’m completely insane. It’s a Nothing Is Free challenge called Waypoint here: http://sims3waypoint.blogspot.com/.

        Twallan resigning really punched the community in the gut, though for the last six months you could kind of see it coming. He was spending less and less time on his forums and sounding less and less into it. The short-term response has been awesome, though. The NRaas wiki is, if anything, more active than before. Several seasoned modders stepped forward to update the mod suite to the last patch (I didn’t end up doing any modding at all because we ended up having an abundance of seasoned help), and they’re even trying to do some bug fixes. Even if they don’t do any more fixes, the patch that just hit is the last one unless EA does something *very* shocking, so if you update, you’re pretty much clear the rest of the game’s future.

      • Who cares if it’s old; it’s AWESOME! I wonder if this means Sims 4 will be the last…I kind of hope it is. Kind of. But then, I thought I was satisfied with 2 and now am completely immersed with 3, so I clearly have the kind of “more more more” consumerism attitude that developers love. Maybe things will pick up when 4 comes out; I hope so, anyway. I’m not ready for everyone to be done with Sims. At least you guys are all still around. ❤

        I dunno what the deal is with commenting; I tried both with my phone and on my computer at work today and still nada. On my phone, it just acts like I didn't just submit a comment; on the PC, an option to make a comment doesn't even show up. That, I'm pretty sure, is more to do with the extremely archaic browsers I'm still using than anything else. I don't blame you for turning off anon comments, though; WP has some kind of thing that filters them, but I can still read them and they can be quite, ah…colorful. I can't wait to see what the Samples have been doing; I feel so out of the loop!! I know I'll have to backtrack on a few blogs to remember what the heck was going on…I guess that's one bonus of there being less interest in SimsWorld; more time to read what you already know is good.

        And I can't believe you're doing another challenge. You are crazy. How do you find the time??

        I'm still sad about Twallan…I'm glad others are kinda filling the void, though; I wish YOU had so I could be all, oh, THAT mod? Yeah, I know one of the developers. Then I could be famous by proxy!!! And the power could go to my head!! Whooooooooo, power!!

      • I DIDN’T find more time. You’ll notice that each blog gets updated in spurts. But usually it’s the blogging time that’s the slowdown. I have a huge stack of backposts for all three challenges. The Samples are actually the closest to caught up. There will be an heir poll “pretty soon,” meaning in the next few months :-p.

        Losing Twallan is very sad, but I’m hardly surprised he burned out. I’m glad he lasted until this close to the end of the development cycle of the game. It would have really been sad to lose these mods because they weren’t updated (or weren’t updated properly).

        BTW: I’m actually pretty psyched about Sims 4. I’m not an early adopter, though, and I am not going to consider buying it until the Samples are well and truly complete. I expect to be around a good long time.

        I’m so glad you’re back!

  2. Just laughing at your convo both! I’m still around. Life drama has eased somewhat, or has become more manageable at any rate. I’m not in danger of losing my job for at least a year! WIN! Pretty bad atmosphere so I’m constantly searching for a new one. I agree though. There does seem fewer of us around which does suck slightly but I have no intention of leaving just yet! I love the Bookabets too much for that!

    I’ve been too scared to update my patches, but now that I know the new modders are on the case, I’m not so scared. He was such a constant part of the community, it is a big kick in the teeth, but RL is more important.

    Now for actual post related comment!

    I can’t wait for the new little nooboo to arrive. Hopefully, this one will be a little girl so that she can boss her big brothers around, as is her right. I eagerly anticipate the next crazy name! Snowy is awesome and I agree with him wholeheartedly about KS and 1984. What were they thinking?!

    • Haha! Always nice to know folks are thinking about you, eh? 🙂

      Actually, the NRaas update for the last patch is out of testing and up for general use. We’re footloose and fancy free now!

      • Thanks for that! I’ll backup my games and update next time I’m on my desktop 🙂

      • Jo!! Hey!! How are you? I’m sorry to hear things are still rocky in UK library world; there hasn’t been any real improvement here, either. But I’m glad your job is not (currently) in danger!

        I can’t believe we still have two more babies after this next one; I don’t know that Sara can handle it. Snowy is fun to write; I can’t remember what any of his (her?) actual traits are, except I think he…or she…likes tv. But every picture I have of him looks as if he’s well aware he was dropped into one of the most dysfunctional households ever…

        The new 1984 sounds strange all around; I believe it’s being spun into some kind of romancy…thing. I can’t imagine what made them go with KS, unless they felt her face was perfect for a woman living in a world where free thought is strongly discouraged…

      • Hey you 🙂 I’m ok, apart from the whole job-stress thing. Here in Wales, we’ve been luckier than those over the border in England, as we have the Welsh Assembly Government to protect us so far, but I think our luck is beginning to run out unfortunately. Libraries are closing here, there and everywhere … which is such a tragedy. As I said, I’m looking around for new jobs.

        Poor Sim Sara … and poor Sim babies! At least Snowy is there to provide comedy/sarcastic relief!

      • Aw man…I hate to hear that libraries are closing so much over there! That is heartbreaking.

        What sort of jobs are you looking into now?

      • To be honest, I’m looking for anything at the moment! I love the library service and I’m an advocate for saving them, but I need money to live on! I can’t live on books alone … that would be awesome though!!

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