A.10 Sources of Caffeine for Kids Increasing

Howdy, ya’ll! Last time we visited with the Simptoms, Sara had just had new baby Amnesia, Anorexia aged up into a toddler, Kurtis was teaching Alopecia to walk (or run, depending on his Mother’s hunger levels), and Sara was apparently on the brink of eating poor little Rex.

“I changed my mind about eating him whole. I was going to fry him, but I thought I’d try out this new slow cooker we got instead.”


“How dare you degrade me by forcing me to make pee pees in public.”


“You! Feline! You seem intelligent. I seem intelligent. We should therefore be intelligent together.”

“Actually, child, I’m neat and friendly, but you seem like you could use a friend.”

“I was thinking more along the lines of minions…but friends is a start, I suppose.”


“Now, about this problem I have with my mother….she made me make PEE PEES in FRONT OF EVERYONE. It was completely humiliating!”

“Ahh, yes, they do the same with me. They put a pan of dirt on the floor and expect me to do my business right out in the open. It’s a filthy practice.”


“I conclude from your added input that adults simply do not appreciate children or animals, most likely because they are bigger and cannot understand us. The world would be a much better place if run only by those who use four limbs to travel, as we tend to be more grounded.”

“Agreed, child. Person animal plus.”


“Is everything all right in here?”

“Yes, Nanny — er, Mommy.”


“Hey, everyone, look at me!! I’m feeling…….”


“…..like this room could use some SERIOUS improvement, like, yesterday. I mean, seriously. That gingham crib pattern, against MY beautiful skin? Please. That is SO Sims 2. Someone get me a design team and a roll of organic bologna, like, STAT.”


Well, would you look at that….Alopecia survived to make it into childhood. He’s also now a diva. W00tsauce.

I guess that about wraps it up for today, now that all the Simptoms kids (so far) have gotten a little air time. Come back next time to see if Rex and Snowy successfully stage a coup and what Al could possibly want with that bologna…

“ORGANIC bologna! As in the cow had better have been licking someone’s face THIS MORNING. On second thought…better make sure the cow didn’t lick anyone or anyTHING. I can’t be catching no dirty cow disease, not when I look this good, uh uh!”

Uhm. Ok. So yeah. See you later!

























“Wait….what about me? I grew up, too….hello? Is anyone out there…?”


5 comments on “A.10 Sources of Caffeine for Kids Increasing

  1. Hahaha! I love reading some perspective from the kids!

    I suppose Al will be staying bald for name reasons, eh.

  2. I’m now divided on who my favourite is … the divalicious baldie or the sarky genius? Maybe when we officially meet Amnesia, I’ll change my mind again!

    That picture when Sara walked into the nursery really made me giggle 🙂

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