A.13 Maintaining Healthy Joints

Welcome back to An Infectious Legacy! The last post concluded with the birth of the Simptoms’ fourth and next-to-last (hopefully oh please let that be true) child, Asperger. Aspie is named for Asperger Syndrome, which is sometimes characterized as a high functioning form of autism, and sometimes viewed as just a different cognitive style, depending on who you ask.

The very first time I’d ever heard of Asperger was back when I still watched America’s Next Top Model and Heather Kuzmich from Cycle 9 came along. Here’s Heather in one of her best photo shoots:


The Girls Go Rock Climbing

“The Girls Go Rock Climbing” — The girls are left hanging in the air for an edgy fashion photo shoot on a rock-climbing wall, on America’s Next Top Model on The CW. Pictured: Heather Photo: Matthew Jordan Smith/Pottle Productions Inc ©2007 Pottle Productions Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Fierce, isn’t she?  Heather took awesome shots and prolly could have won, except for the parts where she had to deal with people, which was her ultimate downfall. Asperger’s main characteristic, as far as most people are concerned, is an air of heavy social awkwardness. People with Asperger seem to march to the beat of their own tambourine; they may say things that don’t seem to make a lot of sense, or they may not say anything at all.  A lot of Aspies are really good at sensory things — music, crafts, things like that. They are so incredibly smart and creative, which is where the divide between embracing Asperger — and autism — as variations of normal rather than afflictions that need to be cured comes in. Some of the most talented, creative people out there have Asperger, like one of my most favorite ladies ever, and this guy, who comprises Owl City. Most of you probably know the song “Fireflies,” but this one is my personal favorite:

SO. I deviated a bit when it came to Asperger’s traits; before, I was just randomizing everyone…not that I had a choice; usually, I simfailed so much that traits were automatically assigned, which I could have changed with Master Controller, but didn’t see the point in. But then I thought it might be entertaining to assign traits based on the illness when applicable, and so, since Sara apparently had a decent pregnancy with Aspie —

“Only because I was hoping for twins so I could be done.”

— I was actually allowed to pick one of his traits. He was born with Heavy Sleeper, and I gave him Eccentric, figuring that works well with Asperger…..

You know what? I just realized all that’s a lie; I’m actually thinking of the latest Mylipone baby. I have no idea what Asperger’s traits are; all I know for sure is his favorite color is blue. Aspie was born right before my big hiatus and I’ve only played once since then. I’ll have to get a chance to play, or at least look up my notes, to see what his actual traits are. In the meantime, there’s this….


Behold, the first picture I took after my months long break. It doesn’t really have much to do with anything as it was actually just a test shot, since I’d forgotten how to take screen shots, but you can get a good look at the layout of the house. If you’re expecting a lot of decorating, prepare for disappointment; you are definitely looking at the wrong blog.

This is what I saw when I first opened up the Simptoms. Sara’s taking a well-earned shower, washing off the afterbirth, while Kurtis either surveys his heirdom or endures a lecture from Anorexia. Asperger is lying peacefully in the wrong crib, Alopecia is finally asleep, and Amnesia is forgotten, as usual. Snowy is sleeping out in the living area, and…..wait. Who or what is that…..?


“I gots a pea, I gots a pea! why’s evey body laffins at me? if you find a riddle pea upon the floor after I weave, I tinks it pwobaby bewongs to mes!

Everyone, Nugget. Who is Nugget, you ask? I have no idea, I answer. Either the Sims’ AI has developed to the point where they can now autonomously do things like adopt pets even when the game is off, or Sara did it before I quit playing and I forgot. Either way, an animal rolling around in urine seems to fit right in around here.

Speaking of animals right at home with human waste…

“Hello, everyone! It’s me, your friendly University Mascot, here to convince you that your life is unfulfilling and your career prospects dire without the benefit of going to college and immersing yourself in crushing debt that you will spend the rest of your life attempting to repay while still earning meager paychecks and struggling to get by!”


Uhm….stay in school, kids.


Oh, hey Sara…that’s not Asperger you’re eating, is it?

“Of course not. It turns out that ridiculous outfit you forced me into was made entirely of sugar that was giving my brain cavities and making me crazy.  I never would have said those things about eating the kids otherwise.”

But….you were saying them before —

“Shhh, Mama’s eating right now.”


Ok….so are you going to get the door?

“Are you kidding me?  This is the first solid meal I’ve had in months; I’m not even going to risk getting up to empty that disgusting potty chair, even though it’s making everything taste a little like sulphur….do you really think I’m going to go open the door to some psycho in a llama skin?”


“Besides…does THIS look like the face of someone who belongs in University?”


“Wait, actually, on second thought….kids aren’t allowed to go to University, are they?” ::rolls wish to go to University::

Sorry, Sara, your wish queue’s all full up!

::huff:: “FINE. Then I’ll just go to bed….but I’m keeping my eyes open so he doesn’t sneak attack and get me knocked up again!”


Ahhh, a peacefully sleeping household. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this rare, blessed event while it lasts.

The adored eldest son:

“Alopecia Simptoms, it is a crime to look so fine! I’m going to have to throw the book at you, hehehehezzzzz…..”


The prodigal second:

“I see you looking at me. I refuse to allow you to perceive my inner thoughts by spying upon my thought bubbles.”


The much longed for newest baby…oh! I looked up his traits; he is apparently Artistic and Friendly. Heh.


And, of course, the doted upon and treasured only daughter….wait.  Amnesia, why are you awake??  You’re ruining my tranquil family picture series!

“Dowwies don’t like for us to sweep. Dowwy’s singing the selfie song to keep me awake.”


Sara, get up, your daughter’s ruining my illusion of peace and tranquility….fix it!!

“Sigh….Sara do this….Sara do that….Sara get pregnant but never eat the babies….hey kid. What’s this I hear about you being kept awake by your imaginary friend singing what should really have stayed an imaginary song? You’re a heavy sleeper; you should be able to block that mess right out.”

“Oh yeah….I forgot! ZZZzzzzzzz….”


“I’m awesome at this parenting thing.  As a reward, I’m going to start working on my science fiction novel at home so I can be closer to my brood and bond better with them and stuff.”

The library banned you, didn’t they?



“Oh hey, it says on the internets that they finally found out what happened with that plane — oh. Oh no. It says all lives were lost and there were no survivors.”

Yeah.  I know.

“Well, that makes me very sad. Can you put a picture up of me looking very sad so that the readers all know how I feel?”

Sorry, Sara, none of the pictures I have on my phone show you looking particularly sad and I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting a chance to play anytime soon.

“Oh.  Well, you’re sort of arty or something; make something to post here so that everyone knows how sad we are for those poor people.”


Well, it’s not exactly Van Gogh or anything, and it was way more trouble than it was worth to upload it, but here you go:


“It will do.  I would like to go hug my children now.”


I wasn’t originally planning on ending here, but, on that surprisingly sensitive note, I sort of feel like concluding this chapter so that you all can go hug your kids (or your parents, or your dogs, or your IFs) as well.

Love and chicken grease, ya’ll.  ❤

4 comments on “A.13 Maintaining Healthy Joints

  1. I felt really sad when I found out about the plane too. I was riveted by the story, and then the ending was pretty much what everyone said it would be at the beginning. That’s the trouble with riveting real-life drama. You’re not guaranteed a twist ending. Sigh.

    BUT! Simptoms! The cavities in Sara’s brain made me laugh out loud. Beautiful! I love the blue tips in her hair. Those are new? Also the overdone makeup somehow suits her. Maybe the crossed eyes too. She’s so cute.

    One more baby! One more!

    • Ugh, I hate when sad unexpected things happen….and it’s so much worse now with a kid. I have a friend in Washington who was talking about the mudslide there and a missing 4 month old and I started tearing up like a little girl. I was hoping that the plane would turn up bc it all seemed so mysterious, but….I guess not. Poor families. It would almost be better for them if it had just crashed and they knew right away. 😦

      Simptoms! Yeah, Sara seems to think she can blame all her prior depravity on her clothing…too bad that doesn’t work in real life. I added the teal in my hair back in December, but it’s almost all gone now and I need to redo it; I was very pleased with it on both real me and less real me. 🙂

      One more baby. Ugh.

  2. Very touching tribute there. I was half hoping they’d disappeared and would turn up in an alternate reality in the future like the series Lost, but knew there could only be one explanation. Very sad 😦

    On a happier note … please keep Nugget. Cute kitty is cute. You can now start that pet legacy. We’re all doing it 😉 😛

    • Thanks Jo! I almost went with something else, actually sort of trying to involve Lost and IFs, but….it seemed insensitive so I just left it. I still think they totally could be on the Island though; it still seems like there are holes in the whole story. Sad though, no matter how you slice it. :-/

      Nugget!! We’ll see…he’s amusing me right now, and apparently the pet count doesn’t affect household count, so he might can stay. I still wish I remembered where he came from though….

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