While the Simptoms aren’t technically on hiatus or anything like that, it might be a minute before I’m able to update. I have enough pictures for one more chapter, but I kind of want to play a little first bc I feel like An Infectious Legacy has gotten a little hodge podgy. Don’t be nice; you feel that way, too.

MEANWHILE, though, one of my favorite legacies, Sample a Brave Legacy, is currently holding an heir poll so why don’t ya’ll mosey on over there and get an eyeful, mmmkay? And don’t forget to vote! (If you have trouble deciding, just go with Sawyer. 😉 ) Thanks, and see you guys soon!

Sneak peek of next chapter coming up in three, two, one….


2 comments on “Samples!

  1. Oh! When Jolvsbooks said she was glad for your post about my heir poll, I had no idea what she was talking about! Thanks!

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