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An Infectious Legacy is a Sims 3 Alphabecy following the Simptoms family across twenty-six generations.  It came about one day like so:

Showtime had just been released, and I was itching to fool around with it and see what kind of awesome, glorious trouble I could get my poor Sims into.  Problem: I was already working with two families, the Callenders and an as-yet unreleased project.  Although I had played into the fourth generation of the Callenders, my legacy blog was only about halfway into the second and I was dying to catch it up a bit, so that family was on hiatus for the time being.  My other project is very strictly planned out, so there wasn’t much I could really do with it regarding Showtime.  Obvious solution?  A new legacy!  New problem: what kind…?

I adore Rainbowcys; they seem like so much fun, but I was also tempted to try an Alphabecy.  I also really like the idea of heir polls and reader involvement, which, sadly, I wasn’t going to really get out of either of my current families.  So, after having the following conversation with my long-suffering and very tolerant husband….

Wife: “Husband dear,” (because this is how we talk…okay, no it’s not) “should I do a Rainbowcy or an Alphabecy?”

Husband: “Why don’t you do OUR legacy?”

Wife: “Uhm…because we’re boring?”

Husband: sadface

…I suggested doing an Alphabecy in which each generation is named after a disease, disorder, or ailment.  My husband thought this was awesome, thus An Infectious Legacy was conceived.

Unlike a traditional legacy, the Simptoms do not begin with a single sim on a big, empty lot spending most of their early life looking for a townie to marry and building up some kind of shelter. Instead, mine and my husband’s Simself have just purchased a small house in Lunar Lakes, which is where our story begins.

Although I adore my Callenders, they tend to be very plot-heavy, which I’m hoping to kind of avoid with the Simptoms. Hopefully, An Infectious Legacy will just be kind of a fun, goofy story that people will enjoy reading and want to be a part of. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading!  Now sit back, limber up your clicky wrist, and get ready to G.E.T. I.N.F.E.C.T.E.D!!

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